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When was child welfare first initiated in Korea ChildFund Korea has been a living history of child welfare of Korea. In the beginning, ChildFund Korea was an infant organization relying on support from CCF. After several decades, it has grown into the oldest yet largest child welfare organization in Korea.

  • 2013
    65th anniversary of founding; created
    “Children's Angels Club”
  • 2010
    04Launched ‘Green Umbrella’ brand and announced
    new symbols
    10Introduced Korea’s first program for preventing
    violence against children; CAP
    07Commenced I-Zone project for social rehabilitation
    facilities for children
  • 2009
    Started Sierra Leone and Senegal support projects04
    60th anniversary of founding; announced new CI10
  • 2008
    01Changed corporate name to “ChildFund Korea”
  • 2007
    Started Ethiopian support project05
  • 2006
    12Opened Hope Shaing Center
  • 2005
    Opened National Center for Missing Children12
  • 2004
    09Completed construction of a bread factory in Pyongyang, North Korea
    07Started Sri Lankan child support project
  • 2003
    Operated Foster care centers in 10 locations in Seoul, Incheon,
    Gwangju, Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Chungbuk, Chungnam,
    Jeonbuk, Jeonnam, and Gyeongnam
  • 2002
    06Joined ChildFund Alliance
    05Selected as humanitarian aid provider to North Korea
  • 2001
    Started North Korean children’s support projects03
  • 2000
    10Operated Child Abuse Prevention Centers at 5 locations
  • 1998
    1050th anniversary of founding; announced new symbols
  • 1997
    Started KBS’s Love Request, a televised fundraising program10
  • 1995
    Started foreign aid projects (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc.)01
  • 1994
    07Changed corporate name to “Korea Welfare Foundation”
  • 1992
    03Expanded Child Sponsorship Program for underprivileged children to include the elderly and children with special needs
  • 1988
    05Opened Hansarang Community to look after children with severe disabilities
  • 1986
    06Stopped receiving support from CCF, started independent projects as a purely Korean non-governmental organization
    05Operated comprehensive Missing Children’s Center
  • 1985
    Acquired permits to establish 16 social welfare centers11
  • 1981
    Organized Supporter’s associations around Korea under city / provincial branches, starting with Incheon Supporter’s Associations07
  • 1979
    Changed corporate name to “Korea Children’s Foundation”02
  • 1977
    Started Child Sponsorship Program for underprivileged children08
  • 1963
    Founded Appenzeller Children Center, subsequently establishing branches in 14 regions nationwide04
  • 1962
    09Directly managed the North-South Orphanage, an orphan care facility
  • 1948
    10Started work in Korea with support from CCF in the United States