What ChildFund Korea does

ChildFund Korea does more than you might think. Not only do we provide financial, physical, and emotional support for
children with mental and physical damage, we work actively to make the world a happier place for children. We take the
lead in restoring the rights that children rightfully ought to enjoy, and raising the Happy Planet Index. More

Projects in korea,Proiects overseas,Project in North Korea

Projects in Korea

ChildFund Korea addresses the four categories of child rights (survival, protection, development, and
articipation) set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, so that children in Korea can grow up
in a healthy and safe environment. We want to keep their dreams alive. More

  • Survival


  • Protection


  • Development


  • Participation


Projects overseas

Children in developing countries subsist day by day amid disease and poverty.
Children need to grow up healthy, and ChildFund Korea helps children overseas to grow up healthy at each
life stage and eventually stand on their own feet. More

  • Education


  • Water Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

  • Health


  • Livelihood


  • Humanitarianaid


Where we work (Overseas)

A worldwide alliance of child-focused organizations,
ChildFund Alliance reaches out to more than 15 million children in 58 countries to create a world in which children
realize their rights and achieve their potential. More

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